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Galway Hibernians is one of the oldest clubs in Galway City. Founded back in 1942 Galway Hibernians has been coaching young players of Galway for over 75 years. As a club Galway Hibernians or Hibs as we are better known, have shown a long lasting and ongoing commitment to the development of young players within the city of Galway. Our tradition is one of excellence and dedication. Generations have played here over the past 75 years, some have moved on and others have returned as coaches and staff members at the club.

Our supporting staff, coaches, managers, players and fans have this club what it is today. We provide the necessary skills for our players to thrive and develop their talent by learning from the best. Teamwork and character is important to us and is promoted both on and off the pitch.



Galway Hibernians Clubhouse

Galway Hibernians Clubhouse


Robert Healy


Mike Kelly


Barry Carberry


Terry Cooke

Francis Keady

Kenneth Talbot

Paddy Connolly

Joseph O'Reilly

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